Grocery delivery service is changing our life

Nowadays, most of the people live extremely busy life. Caring kids, maintaining job, performing social responsibilities – are getting difficult day by day. A delivery service of essential items can give some sort of relieves.

Grocery delivery service are getting popularity worldwide. This type of services help to save time. Instead of, having to drive to the local supermarket, you can get items at your doorstep. Furthermore, it is more convenient when you can access the service online.

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Shop from anywhere using your computer, iPhoneiPad or Android device or download our Instacart app

In conclusion, we can say busy schedule, increasing spending capacity and changing lifestyle are the major reason of gaining popularity of this service industry globally.

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How much if you work for Instacart

It depends on the city in which you would be working. I’ve worked for Instacart in Brooklyn for over two years. I worked in Detroit for three months and it is quite a different experience.

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the difference between working in NYC and in Detroit, is that NYC is TENSE. The traffic, the checkout lines, the parking lots, average my earnings over a monthly period, to make about $14–15/hr. There are days I make more, there are days I make less. But the gas and the parking are all on my own.

Detroit was far more chill and pleasant but I made like $11–12/hr there. Most of the time I sat idle. In Detroit you need patience, waiting for orders to come in, and a good book. I got a lot of reading done, didn’t make much money, but it was nice.

It’s hard to say that the job is a good fit for anyone, but if you really really need flexibility in your schedule and you have no other way to make $15/hr, and are pleasant and can benefit from positive interactions with customers and store employees and like being your own boss (for the most part), you might want to consider it.

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How does instacart work?

Instacart is grocery delivery service that will shop for your groceries and deliver them to your front door. In our area, Instacart offers services at Costco, Whole Foods, HEB, Central Market, Royal Blue Grocery, Greenling, Petco and Tomlinsons.  There is the Instacart promo code: XPENG7914A  for $5 off and free delivery trial.  

You will be notified when your shopper has arrived at the store from the Instacart phone app, The app will list your items and as the shopper picks them from the shelves, that they are collected and you can see the updated list change as items are removed. If there are any items out of stock, your shopper can message you in the Instacart app chat and ask how you would like them to proceed. It is very helpful.

Once all of the shopping is done, you will receive a notification saying that the driver was on the way. The receipt will be email to you with any change compare to the original order.

You can save time to do what you love.

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How is Instacart’s delivery service?

Instacart is designed to provide users with fast and effective distribution services.

If you buy a variety of products from Instacart , a special person will buy them safely and deliver them to you.

More than 300,000 kinds of groceries from Whole Food Supermarkets, Sylvie and Cosco here. Customers can place orders from their favorite supermarkets, or they can synthesize an order from different supermarkets.

Why is Instacart cheaper than Amazon?

Instacart has an online grocery distribution service that pairs customers with individual shoppers to provide groceries for families, has quietly lowered its annual express membership and non-member service fees. A company spokesman confirmed to Business Insider Wednesday. Customers now pay $99 a year instead of $149 for express members, with orders up to $35 for free delivery. The non-express service fee dropped from $5.99 to $3.99. Instacart also cancelled 5% of its Express members’ service fees.

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Instacart has come to Canada!

What is Instacart you ask? Well, you can have them select groceries for you, pay for them, and delivery them to your front door! At home or at work, this service is available to many areas in major citys across Canada.

You can talk to your shopper in app to get the product you want, in flavors or ripeness, as if you were there picking out your own groceries. Prices are similar to in store, with a bit of service and delivery fees added on for your convenience, you can get groceries without ever leaving your home.

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