How is Instacart’s delivery service?

Instacart is designed to provide users with fast and effective distribution services.

If you buy a variety of products from Instacart , a special person will buy them safely and deliver them to you.

More than 300,000 kinds of groceries from Whole Food Supermarkets, Sylvie and Cosco here. Customers can place orders from their favorite supermarkets, or they can synthesize an order from different supermarkets.

Why is Instacart cheaper than Amazon?

Instacart has an online grocery distribution service that pairs customers with individual shoppers to provide groceries for families, has quietly lowered its annual express membership and non-member service fees. A company spokesman confirmed to Business Insider Wednesday. Customers now pay $99 a year instead of $149 for express members, with orders up to $35 for free delivery. The non-express service fee dropped from $5.99 to $3.99. Instacart also cancelled 5% of its Express members’ service fees.

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Instacart has come to Canada!

What is Instacart you ask? Well, you can have them select groceries for you, pay for them, and delivery them to your front door! At home or at work, this service is available to many areas in major citys across Canada.

You can talk to your shopper in app to get the product you want, in flavors or ripeness, as if you were there picking out your own groceries. Prices are similar to in store, with a bit of service and delivery fees added on for your convenience, you can get groceries without ever leaving your home.

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