How does instacart work?

Instacart is grocery delivery service that will shop for your groceries and deliver them to your front door. In our area, Instacart offers services at Costco, Whole Foods, HEB, Central Market, Royal Blue Grocery, Greenling, Petco and Tomlinsons.  There is the Instacart promo code: XPENG7914A  for $5 off and free delivery trial.  

You will be notified when your shopper has arrived at the store from the Instacart phone app, The app will list your items and as the shopper picks them from the shelves, that they are collected and you can see the updated list change as items are removed. If there are any items out of stock, your shopper can message you in the Instacart app chat and ask how you would like them to proceed. It is very helpful.

Once all of the shopping is done, you will receive a notification saying that the driver was on the way. The receipt will be email to you with any change compare to the original order.

You can save time to do what you love.

Feel free to have the Instacart promo code: XPENG7914A  to get $5 off and free delivery.

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