How does Instacant Pickup work?

When your order is ready for pickup, You will get an SMS or app push notification on your phone along with pickup instructions.

When you arrive at the store, follow the instructions, depending on the store, you’ll either pick up your order inside or wait while stuff bring your order out to your car.

Your order will be ready to pick up at the time you requested when you placed your order. Please follow the Pickup instructions you received.

Sometimes, your order might be ready to pick up early, then you will get notification, just in case if you would like to pick it up before your original order time. All your items will be temperature-controlled until you arrive. No need to stress if you’re late. As long as you arrive before the end of the latest pickup window, you’ll have your order ready to go. (the latest pickup window may end before the store’s closing time.)

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For orders with alcohol, you’ll need to bring a valid form of ID. For all orders, remember to bring your phone to get notifications about your order.

Any items that are available for delivery are also available for pickup.

Instacart promo code: XPENG7914A  for $5 off and free delivery trial.

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