Why are some prices on Instacart different from in-store.

For the item pricing of Instacart grocery delivery service, all prices on Instacart are based on the prices set by the retailer. In some cases, prices may be higher than in-store. They might not have in-store discounts, but they do offer some Coupons for select items or discount and free delivery.

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You can see detail about pricing at the stores in your area by logging in and visiting on their website.

Instacart has the right to cancel an order for any reason, including as a result of items that are priced incorrectly. If they do cancel an order, they will refund your account for the amount paid.

You can have the person shop for you and the delivery of the items. Other than the small increase in price for the items and the delivery, you can save time to do what you love.

Feel free to have the Instacart coupon code: XPENG7914A  to get $5 off and free delivery.

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